Until recently I used car spray paint to undercoat my models. After a prolonged spell on inclement whether I searched for an alternative method that could be achieved inside, away from the wind and rain.


Firstly I clean any mould lines and flash from the model and then I give it a quick wash in mildly soapy water and a good rinse. The model then gets left to air dry for a few days. I then attach the model to the base that I’m going to use and hide the model’s integral base with Vallejo Course Pumice Paste. That then gets left for a couple of days to dry.


After attaching the model to a painting pole I apply a thin coat of metal primer. I water this down to about the same consistency as my paint. Then this gets left for a couple of days to dry properly.


The next stage is the undercoat. I normally undercoat the base with white gesso and the model with black gesso. Gesso shrinks as it dries, so it provides a tight undercoat. However its much thicker than most normal paints and so its very easy to obscure details with it, always apply it thinly. The reason behind the white base, is it requires less coats of my standard base colour to cover than black. I add about 25% Ultra Matt medium to the Black gesso and then thin to the normal consistency of paint. The first coat should be really light, just adding a hint of colour to the primer, rather than actually turning the model black. About half an hour later you can go and add another coat which will build up the colour. Normally a final third coat is needed to give you a uniform undercoat. Once you are happy with the undercoat then leave it for a few days to harden and then it should be ready to paint.






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