There are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials for palettes that range in price accordingly. I’ve tried quite a few now, ones with 3, 6 and 12 holes, folding palettes, I have even considered investing in proper artists palettes. However, not long ago I found the perfect palette, a white 6-inch ceramic bathroom tile, costing £5 for 100. Being 6 inches square the tile has much more room than most palettes. Being flat it allows you to use the whole space. Unless you are mixing paint for a tank then its not likely that you will need a well in you palette. I have left the best feature until last, if you soak the tile in plain tap water for an hour acrylic paint will lift off. Of course with something this good there has to be a down side. Firstly dropping the tiles would not be a good idea, they make quite a mess. Secondly, the underside of the tile is rough and will probably scratch the dinning room table, so it’s a good idea to make sure that there is always something underneath it to protect it, such as a rubber mat.






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