I only use acrylic paint, this is because they don’t smell, don’t need chemicals to clean the brushes and dry very quickly. If you ask a dozen painters what the best type of paint to use is, you will get a dozen different answers. There is a wide variety of ranges of acrylic paint and within each range the consistency of the paint can vary from colour to colour, in fact some brands can vary between pots of the same colour. Bearing all of that in mind I’m not going to say which paint is best, I haven’t come across a range that is better than all of the others and I haven’t examined all the available ranges. All I can say is these are the paints I have tried and their plus points. If you are going to try a new range of paints then don’t go mad and buy the whole range get half a dozen key colours and see if they suit your painting style.


Games Workshop paints are readily available and a wide variety of fantasy colours, which a number of other ranges try and emulate. They are quite pricey for 12ml, but they are highly pigmented and generally quite consistent in their quality.


Vallejo Game Colour provide a range of colours based on the colours provided by Games Workshop. They come in 17ml eye dropper bottles that are very easy to store and use, although the nozzles do have a tendency to clog they can be unblocked easily with a paper clip. They tend to be less viscous than Games Workshop paints and have a tendency to settle so need a good shake before use. Vallejo model colour provides a massive range (150+) of colours for historical periods; these are the same quality as Vallejo Game Colour paints.


Wargames Foundry provides a range of paints that are matched in “triads”. This range provides a main colour with a shade and highlight colour. This makes painting using the “Kevin Dalimore” three-colour method incredibly easy. They come in huge 20ml pots and are a very nice consistency.


Andrea paints come in 17ml eye-dropper bottles, just like Vallejo paints. I have only tried a small sample of the paints, their skin range and white. They are of a much thicker consistency than other paints and more heavily pigmented, so can be thinned quite a lot. The skin range is a pair of triads that provide fantastic results.


Liquitex Soft body paints are ‘proper’ artists acrylics. The come in 59ml bottles or tubes and are the same consistency as Games Workshop or Wargames Foundry paints. They don’t have the range of colours that miniature paint ranges do, but they do have all the essentials and a few others beside, such as parchment that is an off white that provides a much better colour for eyes.






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