Holding Miniatures


I used to paint models whilst holding the base and resting my finger on their head. I always found that I would rub the paint off the boots/feet and head. The paint rubbing off was due to not priming the models properly; however I had a think about how I could hold the models more securely. I had seen people with models on wine corks, but that didn’t work out for me, I’m just too clumsy. So I brought a length of 25mm dowel and a piece of 2”x2” and set to them with a saw and drill. The result was a number of 4” long bits of dowel (just a bit bigger than my fist) that slots into 12” long bits of 2”x2”. This lets me pick up the model I want to paint, have a nice firm hold on it and then drop him back into the secure base. For cavalry I glue the moulding tag into an upturned 25mm square base. To attach the models to the poles I use Blu-Tac, I got my fingers burnt once to often using a hot glue gun, literally.






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