Brush Size

Brush sizes


Most brushes are measured using numbers ranging from 30/0 to 30, where 30/0 (30 zeros) is the smallest and 30 is the largest. For 28mm scale models you can ignore most of the brush sizes. If I had to buy a complete new set of brushes I would buy the following:


  • A 3/0 for extremely fine detail (pupils of eyes, etc)
  • A 0 for fine work (belts and buckles, edge highlights, etc)
  • A 1 for detail work (skin, small areas of clothing, etc)
  • A 2 for large areas and washes (coats, etc)
  • A 3 Squirrel/pony hair for varnishing
  • A 4 for bases – Not top quality, but still sable.
  • A 4 for big dry-brushing – not sable, synthetic or hog bristle.
  • A big (8+) soft natural bristle brush for dusting.





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