Placing a commission


The process of placing a commission is quite simple and very flexible.


If you would like some miniatures painting then drop me an email and tell me what you want miniatures you want painting, how you want them painting and how many there are to paint. I’ll then trot off and try and find some pictures of the miniatures you want painting (feel free to send me links) and see if I can do it with the information supplied. There might be a brief email exchange, but in the end I’ll send you an estimate which says what you have asked for and how much its going to cost.


If you are happy with the estimate, and it says what you expect then you drop me a quick email saying you would like me to start the commission. I then have to wait 7 days before doing anything, to allow you to change you mind. However you can waive this ‘cooling off’ period by saying so in an email.


Once you have placed the commission you can send me the miniatures, if you already have them. If you don’t have them, you can either:


  • Order them, get them delivered to yourself and send them to me.
  • Order them and get them sent straight to me by the manufacturer.
  • Send me the money (by PayPal) and I will order them.


However the miniatures are sent to me, when they arrive I’ll send you an email saying they are here, and then crack on with painting them. If it’s a long job then I’ll try to send you a couple of updates and tell you how I’m doing. I might even need to ask you a few questions still. If you want to make sure I’m still alive, then feel free to send me an email.


After a while your miniatures will be all painted and ready to be varnished. Before I varnish them I’ll get a few quick pictures of them to make sure they are what you expect (its much easier to fix things before varnishing). As soon as you email me back I can get on with varnishing them, this can take a week, to allow it to harden well enough to go through the postal system. I’ll then take some final photos and send you the final invoice (which will have the correct postage on). If you are happy, pay the invoice and your miniatures will be on their way to you, hopefully the next working day. If there are any problems, email me and we can fix them.




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