The commission process allows you to get me to paint some miniatures exactly as you want them. If you want a group of French Napoleonic Infantry, painted in WW2 German splinter camouflage then, I’ll quite happily do it for you.


Whether you want me to paint the leader of your army, or just palm off some of the cannon fodder to a hired brush, all you need to do is drop me an email and discuss it with me.


The terms and conditions are there because I have to stick to laws and regulations. However you are not dealing with some faceless corporation, you’re dealing with a fellow painter and gamer, so please don’t be put off by them. If there is anything in there that you want clarifying please contact me and I'll try and do that.


All you need to do to place a commission is:


  1. Know what you want painting
  2. Know how you want it painting
  3. Email those two bits of info to me


Once those three steps are out of the way the rest of it will be straight forward and easy to follow.





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