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Back in 1987 I walked past a little store hidden in the corner of a shopping centre. I looked in the window and saw all these strange looking toy soldiers. Having some spare time on my hands I wandered inside. After what seemed like hours I came out with a model of a Dwarf sitting on a toilet, it appealed to my sense of humour.


My teenage years were spent collecting and painting ever expanding armies to vanquish my friends at various games, but as I got older the games got fewer and I started to concentrate more on painting.


Now after more than 20 years spent painting little chunks of metal and plastic I have managed to turn a hobby into a job. I still like to collect miniatures that appeal to my sense of humour, or ones that look fantastic and I still have the dwarf sitting on the toilet, although he is in desperate need of repainting.


A Brief History


Purchased an Inconvienced Dwarf


Purchased and painted an Ork Warhammer 40K army in a week (well most of it got painted).


Started collecting Catachan Jungle Fighters.


Discovered the Steve Dean Forum and started collecting 15mm Napoleonics.


Started free lance miniature painting work for Wargames Foundry


Won the Musketeer Miniatures Ghulum painting competition.


Started freelance work for ArtWho Miniatures and opened my own website taking private commissions.




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